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Here are some of my favourite sites. You can find my favourite Evolutionary Systems and Artificial Life links as well as my favourite informal links separately. Below, is an almost ad-hoc list of research oriented bookmarks.


Academic and Research Positions

AI and Cognitive Science

AI on the Web


Mind Readings
Findings and Current Opinion in Cognitive Neuroscience
Catching Ourselves in the Act
Review of Andy Clark's "Being There"
Being There

American Association for Artificial Intelligence
Institute Of Cognitive Studies
Artificial Intelligence Resources
Center for Intelligent Systems, Vanderbilt University

Biology, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology

Complex Systems

Simulations and agent-based simulations

MAML: The Multi-Agent Modelling Language's Home
SWIEE - a Swarm Web Interface for Experimental Economics
Kluwer Multiagent Systems Series
Darren Schreiber : Agent-based models
Ascape: agent-based modelling
Pietro Terna: Simulation Tools for Social Scientists: Building Agent Based Models with SWARM
Agent-Based Computational Economics

Complexity Digest
Cpmplex Systems Readings
Santa Fe Institute: Events
Adaptive Computation
WWW Virtual Library: Complex Systems by Resources - Communications
Complexity, Complex Systems and Chaos Theory: @BRINT (tm)
Bibliography of Measures of Complexity

Research Groups and Institutes

The Santa Fe Institute
New England Comples Systems Institute

Self-Organization and Emergence

Complexity and Self-Organisation

Social Systems

Pietro Terna: Simulation Tools for Social Scientists: Building Agent Based Models with SWARM
Complexity and Management


Discrete Dynamics Lab
Logistic mapping

Dynamic Systems

Andy Wuensche's D.Phil degree Thesis

Cybernetics and Systems


Welcome to the Principia Cybernetica Web
Links on Cybernetics and Systems
Internet Resources related to Principia Cybernetica


Personal Construct Psychology
Radical Constructivism

Centers and Institutes

SSERC (Arizona State University)
IFSR - Systems Research
The Institute for Systems Research (ISR)


Pask Archive at PANGARO Incorporated
London Guardian - Gordon Pask Obituary

Autopoiesis and Enaction
International Society for the Systems Sciences Homepage
Cybernetics, Systems Theory, and Complexity
PANGARO Incorporated Home Page

Distributed Knowledge Systems

IR and Recommenders

Knowledge and Document Networks

IKNOW- Inquiring Knowledge Networks on the Web
PCP - Learning, "Brain-like" Webs

Agents and Distributed Autonomous Computation

UMBC Agent Web
AgentLink: A Network of Excellence for Agent-Based Computing
BotSpot ® : BotSpot of the Week : The Spot for all Bots & Intelligent Agents
BotSpot ® : The Spot for all Bots & Intelligent Agents
The Echo Project
AgentNews webletter 2.08

Tools and Systems

IntelliGenesis Home
Natrificial: The Brain - A Dynamic Information System that works the way you think.

Collaborative Filtering
Rutgers SCILS Novel Information Finding in Networks Home Page
Algorithms for Indexing and Searching: Readings

Graph Theory and Network Analysis

International Network for Social Network Analysis
IBM Almaden - Researchers Map the Web
The Clever Project
Graph structure in the web
SHL Home

Digital Libraries

Welcome to Verity
DELOS: Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries
Buckets: Smart Objects for Digital Libraries
Autonomy - Knowledge Management and New Media Content Solutions
D-Lib: Metrics for Digiatl Library Performance
Library Resources on the Internet (PrinterInks)

Workshop: Emergent Semantic and Computational Processes in Distributed Information Systems (DIS)
SFI RESEARCH FOCUS AREA: Distributed Learning
MIT: The Media Laboratory
The Psychology of Cyberspace

Evolutionary Systems


International Semiotics Institute
Semiosis Evolution Energy
Biosemiotics Home Page
Biosemiotics Home Page

Resources for Lynn Margulis
Heraclitan Biology Group
Memetic Algorithms' Home Page


COSMIC ANCESTRY: The modern version of panspermia. by Brig Klyce
John Stewart: Evolution's Arrow
Selection Theory Bibliography
Five Major Misconceptions about Evolution

Genetic Algorithms

Publications on GA's by A. Wu
Graduate Studies in Genetic Algorithms
EVCA Project
The Genetic Algorithms Archive

Fuzzy Logic and Uncertainty

Evidential Reasoning with Conditional Belief Functions

Resource Lists and Data Sets

FAQ: Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Expert Systems 1/1 [Monthly posting]
Fuzzy Logic
Fuzzy Logic Archive

Groups and Organizations

North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society (NAFIPS)

Probability, DST, Imprecise prob

Imprecise Probabilities Project: Home Page

Interval Computations

Applications of Interval Computations: a book
Interval Computations

General Science and Philosophy


Distributed Knowledge Systems

Computational & Mathematical Organization Theory
International Journal of Human Computer Studies

Soft Computing

Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence

The MIT Press
MIT: Journals

Complex systems

Evolutionary Computation Page
Journal of Artifical Societies and Social Simulation
Complexity International
Journal of Complex Systems

AI and Cognitive Science

Informatica (home page)
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research

Theoretical Biology and Artificial Life

Evolutionary Computation Page
Journal of Artifical Societies and Social Simulation
Journal of Mathematical Biology
Biosemiotics: Towards a New Synthesis in Biology
Artificial Life
Adaptive Behavior

Systems and Cybernetics

Kybernetes: Journal Homepage
IFSR - Systems Research
International Journal of General Systems

Portugal - Research

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