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Associate Professor of Informatics

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While this page describes the graduate students that I have worked with, I have overseen more than 600 undergraduate students working on 200 capstone projects in the last 9 years.  For a complete listing of undergraduate capstone project descriptions see the Undergraduate Capstone website.

Master's Degree Students

2004 - Sean Ellis Christie Flynn Megan Lewis Paul White

2005 - Vasudha Chandrasekaran Ben Murphy

Current - Jackie Bauer Amanda Stephano 

Student Details

Sean Ellis (2004)

  • Sean's capstone project studied annotation capabilities of tablet PC's for dynamic visualizations. 
  • Sean is currently employed at XPert Solutions as the Director of Technology.
  • Awards:
  • Informatics Outstanding Associate Instructor (2003)
  • Informatics Outstanding Research (2004)
  • IU Making IT Happen (2004)
  • Publications:
  • Sean E. Ellis and Dennis P. Groth: A Collaborative Annotation System for Data Visualization, ACM Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces, Gallipoli, Italy, May, 2004.
  • Christie Flynn (2004)

  • Christie's capstone project involved interfaces for web searching and query similarity metrics so that users could see when their searches were similar to other searches they had performed. 
  • Christie is currently employed at Intel as an interaction designer.
  • Megan Lewis (2004)

  • Megan's capstone project studied copyright and fair-use issues for digital products. 
  • Megan is currently completing her law degree at Indiana University School of Law.
  • Awards:
  • Informatics Outstanding Research (2004)
  • Paul White (2004)

  • Paul's capstone project involved digital preservation of biological species information, as well as visual map-based interfaces for browsing. 
  • Paul is currently employed as an IT specialist with IU.
  • Vasudha Chandrasekaran (2005)

  • Vasudha's capstone project studied how tablet PC technology might be employed for middle school student science field trips. 
  • Vasudha is currently employed at Microsoft Corporation in the Windows User Experience Group.
  • Awards:
  • IU Making IT Happen (2005)
  • Publications:
  • Vasudha Chandrasekaran, Dennis P. Groth and Yvonne Rogers: INFUSE - An Inquiry-based Field Learning Framework, Interface Design and Children, Boulder, CO, June, 2005.
  • Ben Murphy (2005)

  • Ben's project studied internet browser history could be visually represented, annotated and shared.  A prototype browser is available for download.
  • Vasudha is currently employed at Abelson-Taylor in Chicago as an interaction designer.
  • Awards:
  • IU Making IT Happen (2005)
  • Publications:
  • Benjamin W. Murphy and Dennis P. Groth: Augmenting Internet Browser History with Contextual Visual Representations, HCI International Conference, Las Vegas, NV, July, 2005.
  • Dennis P. Groth and Benjamin W. Murphy: Tracking User Interactions Within Visualizations, IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization, Austin, Texas, October, 2004.
  • Jackie Bauer (Current)

    Amanda Stephano (Current)




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