Undergraduate Degrees

The world increasingly relies on technology, and giving students the tools to shape the future is the aim of a Bachelor of Science degree in Informatics.

Whether it’s learning basic programming, data visualization, logical reason, human-computer interaction design or a number of other varied skills, a B.S. in Informatics will expand your tech knowledge to make you more valuable in any field you pursue. It is a program designed for students whose primary interest is in exploring how technology can be used to fuel discoveries and innovations in any discipline. And we’re not just talking about information technology jobs. Careers in business, telecommunications, security, fine arts, and just about every modern career path requires a knowledge of technology and the way people interact with it.

A B.S. in Informatics will give you the background you need to be successful. A majority of our informatics students complete internships to gain valuable on-the-job experience before they graduate, and the senior capstone project puts a spotlight on the skills learned for potential employers.